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A few useful storage tips include stacking the light items in your storage unit in a place that's easily accessible, stacking light valuables on top of the heavy items, storing furniture such as sofas on the end for more space, organizing your storage space, and wrapping mirrors and picture frames in cardboard or bubble wrap.


Avoid stacking sharp or heavy items on top of your cushioned furniture to prevent potential damage such as scratches and holes. You can also wrap upholstered furniture and mattresses in plastic and pack dishes in sturdy cardboard boxes.


A few other tips include leaving walkways open throughout your unit, keeping the items you need access to in the front of your unit, using high-quality boxes and containers you can stack on top of each other, double-checking your containers are properly and clearly labeled, and storing small and fragile valuables in drawers.


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Place a complete inventory of the items in your storage unit at Koehn Self Storage somewhere in your residence that's easy to find. Read all of our useful tips below so you have proper storage use at our locally and family-owned facility.

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